A Diversified Fintech Company

Our subsidiaries leverage real-time big data to develop proprietary financial technologies.

Retail Institutional


BridgeRock Technologies has developed the world’s only real-time market participant sentiment and perception analysis system for financial markets utilizing cutting edge AI and machine learning proprietary technologies.

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Retail and Institutional

About us

BridgeRock Technologies delivers high performance institutional and retail trading products and services. The company has been focusing its activities on the development of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine-learning based trading platforms and services for over a decade.

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Robotic Trading Platform

Designed for minimal human intervention, advanced with robotic multi strategy capabilities.

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Pilot Trading

Pilot Trading enables anyone to trade with our advanced algorithms and with any broker. Pilot is the ideal AI trading assistant for active day traders.

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Signals API

This API will allow you to integrate our advanced algorithms with your existing trading application.

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